A change of direction…


This blog has so far been many things…about prejudice…equality…books and words…politics…I have no doubt I will continue to blather on about these things. But I sense something else could be afoot. It’s about to get personal!

Not tonight. Tonight it’s nearly 1am and I’m exhausted. But it’s been months since I blogged at all…and I just wanted to start again now…as I mean to go on…but maybe with more personal insights…

For now here’s a picture…from Thursday 29th August taken at Waterstones bookstore in Nottingham. It’s from the Bold Strokes Books author reading and signing evening which I participated in. Truly one of the best nights of my little life to date!

I will talk more about that night…and thoughts it’s inspired soon…and all the other things buzzing around in my over-tired brain. And maybe some politics too…

Welcome to my world!


About rebeccasb

I am a writer, my first novel 'Truths' was released by Bold Strokes Books in April 2010. My second 'Ghosts of Winter' came out in April 2011. I also write short stories--watch out for them in various anthologies! I like to blog about writing, politics and life in general...

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