Bold Strokes Books UK event 2011


Save the date!! Bold Strokes hits the UK again in July 2011. I am so very excited and proud that the event is taking place in Nottingham, and delighted that we have the support of Waterstones for the second year in a row. The authors who will be attending for sure are: Me (Rebecca S. Buck), Lesley Davis, Gill McKnight, Jane Fletcher, Justine Saracen, I. Beacham, Cari Hunter and VK Powell. Editors in attendence will be Stacia Seaman and Victoria Oldham. Check out for more information on these writers, editors, and our wonderful publisher 😀

Please note that the event is actually two events–one on the Saturday afternoon and one on the Sunday morning. We’re also hoping for a fun, informal social event on the Saturday evening. More details to follow!

Here’s the latest flyer:

BSB in the UK!


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  1. I’m so excited about this! Last year’s was wonderful, and these two days will only be better! Congratulations to BSB, the authors and editors, and most importantly, to Waterstones for hosting such great event!

    • Thank you Cindy! 😀 It’s amazing that Waterstones are hosting the event. And I’m excited by BSB’s growing presence in the UK too! It’s going to be fabulous!! 😀

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