I am a writer, my novels Truths and Ghosts of Winter are available from Bold Strokes Books, and my third, The Locket and the Flintlock will be released by BSB in May 2012.  I am passionate about literature, writing and words generally, but also a whole host of other things. I love history, philosophy, theology, psychology…and I might also be inclined to ramble randomly about society, politics and life in general. I hope I can use this blog to share more about my adventures in the world of publishing, and to say a few things that might make you pause for thought for a moment or two…

Rebecca S. Buck


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  1. Just finished Ghosts of Winter and really enjoyed it, more,I think! than most others I’ve read over the years. I went to your blog to learn more about you, and the post was quite old and gave impression you won’t be writing any more, Certainly, early 30’s are a tumultuous time! I plan on reading yor other two books . hopefully, they won’t be the last and you make it through whatever roadblocks life throws at you.

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